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Where to ask question and find help OPW Experience with OpenStack Part 1


My project is “Improved OpenStack API Reference and Guide Documentation“, here is the blueprint.

I’m working on bugs assigned to me recently. Mostly from openstack-api-site (volume, compute).

During my intern application process, I started with “low hanging fruit” kind of bugs, but sometimes bugs can go outdated.

Steps I follow to solve a problem

It’s very tricky when most of the bugs themselves are about creating new documentation, since often there is no or little information about the feature I suppose to write about.

1) While IRC is the recommended place to ask questions, sometimes I find it’s faster to dig up than waiting a reply. Depends on the question and if the “person know all” who likes to answer questions is online or not, you either get your answer very fast, or never get any reply. Most of the time, I find IRC channel is the best place to pick up stuff, from my experience they roughly fall into 2 categories:

1.1. The basics newbie are likely to miss or ask about over and over again.

1.2. The latest topics everyone else are working on, and new changes/decisions everyone need to follow.

The channel I usually hang around is #openstack-doc.

2) Expand on the “dig up” bit, I find searching the mail archive sometimes can be very helpful.



The first one often yields better results than the second.

3) The next option I’d try normally would be good old StackOverflow, most of the time it’s effective as always. There is another site which is OpenStack specific, this is yet to be explored as most of the time my question is a bit too simple or heavily related to programming, system configuration or tool usage which I believe appropriately belongs to the StackOverflow General Forum.

4) Leaving comments under the bug in Launchpad. Before I do that, I try to add all person I can think of who may know the answer to be notified about all changes related to the bug. And I always add my OPW supervisor.

5) Email specific person (99% the time is my supervisor) about my question. For bugs related to certain project/files there maybe someone who probably know it inside out, email them would be the best option.

6) There is another possible step, sometimes a doubt can be validated by trying it out:

6.1. Trystack didn’t  give me a good experience. Getting python errors all the time.

6.2. Nectar: Good as a normal user, but can’t try any admin operations.

6.3. CSIRO internal cloud, in Tasmania.

6.4. Install own OpenStack locally

Option 6.3 and 6.4 are yet to be explored.


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