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My History with blog and Motivation for this one

In the early days when blog first getting popular, I was just a newbie in web development, Blogspot was just a playground for me to try out cool JavaScript Scriptlets.

Not soon after that, I learnt how to write server side code, and found out about various free (mostly PHP or static HTML) online hosting providers, a blog can no long fulfil my coding ambition… so it was abandoned.

In between that and now I tried WordPress for a competition which blogging is a compulsory task to win the prize. But it was a result of team effort for a time constrained project never get to make to the top.

Now being accepted as an OPW OpenStack intern for the 2013/DecemberMarch round, I need to complete yet another blogging requirement, but this would be a perfect kick start for me to begin technical blogging.

I like to classify and document information, whenever I read something good there is often a bursts of desire for writing about and sharing it. But I never find enough encouragement to write something decent (and persistently), apart from the question answer style responses in forums (like Stackoverflow) and emails (and the research papers I prepare as a PhD student).

As a bilingual (using English for work study and Chinese mostly for recreational activities) I sometimes find myself caught in the middle of both worlds when I can’t understand some of the English humor or technical jargon equivalent in Chinese. On the other hand, I also developed the habit to adjust my language/tone/topic for different kind of audience. For this blog, I’m yet to set a theme, and hoping to make it not limited to just this round of the OPW OpenStack internship, I’m on my journey to find my voice or topic that is informative/entertaining. And most of all, I hope to find the source of enjoyment in writing like what I often feel in coding. Even the most hardworking person will have motivational problems at some point in their life. The small sense of imaginary fame when my writing is published in this case would be the propellant to keep me going.

Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate,and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value.
Louis L’Amour(1908-1988, American author)


One response

  1. Hi, nice to see you at blog, I find your blog in the mail-list.
    Hope you can continue this blog ^.^

    Besides, do you have any suggestion on installing neutron?

    February 15, 2014 at 20:45

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